Cabinet will look at proposals to close school

Cabinet will look at proposals to close school
Cabinet is being asked to approve proposals to close a Pelton school.
Concerns over falling pupil numbers led to Durham County Council reviewing the school’s viability and as there are other schools in the local area that can accommodate the pupils, it is felt closure is necessary.
Discussions with the school about Roseberry College and Sixth Form’s future began last year due to the increasing percentage of surplus places.
The school has the capacity to accommodate 996 pupils and at the beginning of the consultation in September last year there were 324 pupils enrolled.
Funding is allocated on pupil numbers and as these reduce there is less money available to employ teaching and support staff with the necessary qualifications, subject knowledge and experience to deliver a secondary curriculum which meets the needs of all pupils. It is therefore felt that closure is necessary to ensure all pupils are given the same opportunities as those who go to other schools with larger pupil numbers.
As part of consultation on the decision twenty meetings were held with parents, staff, governors and members of the community and an extended feedback period gave all those involved the chance to have a say and put forward their views.  Officers within the county council and experienced Ofsted inspectors now believe that the proposal to close the school is necessary in order in the best interests of students and their families.
Councillor Ossie Johnson, Cabinet member for children and young people, said: “The decision to close this school is not one we are taking lightly and we have undertaken extensive consultation with the school community to ensure all views and concerns are listened to and addressed.
“Moving forward we do feel that closure is the best option to ensure pupils get the best education possible and we will offer as much support as is necessary to ensure the transition to other schools is as smooth as possible.”    
Cabinet will be asked to agree to the closure of Roseberry College and Sixth Form when it meets on Wednesday, February 12.  

From Durham County Council Council Press Releases
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